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A List of 10 Most Significant Environmental Threats That We are Going to Face

Early We had discussed 8 most dangerous human activities that harm the environment.  This article is a continuation of that entry. You may have noticed we have missed several other human activities from that list. We are glad to see your suggestions and opinions in the commenting area. Here in this article we are going to discuss about "10 Threats that we are going to face in 21st century."

1. Global Warming

As a result of over Deforestation and emission of excess amount of oxides of carbon from power plants and vehicles there has been formed a green house effect around the Earth. Global warming would leads to water scarcity and extinction of several living organisms.

2. Water Scarcity

Causes: Destruction of water resources, Global warming, Deforestation, Decrease in rain water
Affects: Extinction, diseases,

3. Energy Scarcity
Causes: Great dependence on traditional energy sources, slow growth for renewable energy technology, over use of energy sources (exploitation)

Affects: Slower…

8 Most Dangerous Human Activities That Harm The Environment

Balance is the most important factor when defining the word "nature". Each and every components and resources lies under a balanced condition. Any small change in those components will induce an imbalance in whole system of nature. Intolerable condition leads to natural hazards!

Here we are going to discuss about 8 most dangerous human activities that harm the precious environment. Mankind is exploiting the nature for his profit. If he is continuing his cruel exploitation of nature mankind as well as all other living organisms on earth will disappear.
Human Activities that harm the environment
 Deforestation Extreme level of carbon emission Over exploitation of minerals and resources Stone Mining Sand Mining Paddy field filling Hill leveling Over use of plastics

1. Deforestation We have lost more than 90 percent of forest area since 1900. Man exploits Earth's forest cover for woods, buildings, land and other resources. Deforestation due to natural hazards and forest fires are…

How to Make Your Own Solar Panel Or Solar Cell at home?

How to make a simple solar cell for kids? Here in this post you can learn two simple methods to make an experimental solar cell, for the purpose of impressing your kids. Or you can use this cell as a photodetector.

Solar cell manufacturing is a very expensive process, that's why even a small solar installation costs around $1500-$2000. However, you can make a simple solar cell by following some simple instructions as listed below. Keep in mind that the functioning of the device depends upon the perfection of your construction.

A solar cell is made up of a semiconductor. They are used to convert the energy from the world's largest renewable energy source, the Sun! Solar radiations carry enormous amount of energy. It is possible to harness energy from sun light by using solar cells or solar panels. There are similar devices used to harness other forms of energy from the sun. Solar heaters and parabolic concentrators are used to harness infrared radiations from the sun. A solar cel…

Can You Turn Energy into Matter?

According to Albert Einstein, one of the famous scientists who derived the equation for mass-energy conversion said that, it is possible to convert Matter into Energy. We know that nuclear power generation is concerned with the conversion of mass or matter into energy. A very large amount of energy can be liberated from the matter according to Einstein's Energy equation.
Where m is the mass and c is the speed of light in vacuum.
This equation is known to everyone who studied physics. But some months ago when I was checking the statistics of the traffic to my website I found a search query that made my mind unstable (Search query: The title of this article). I really appreciate that googler. Suddenly I called my Physics teacher (Mr. Jobish John) to ask about the Energy-Mass Conversion. He guide me through the correct way to understand the energy-mass conversion. (Thank you sir!)
Is it possible to convert Energy to Mass?
We know that, according to Einstein's equation (E=mc2)…

How Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) Generator Works?

Traditional electric generators (Dynamo) are working on the principle of Faraday's laws of electromagnetic induction. A dynamo consists of a moving metal conductor in a strong magnetic field to generate electricity.
There are AC generators and DC generators. AC generators are usually known as alternators. It is possible to convert an alternator to DC dynamo by installing a Commutator (a splitted ring arrangement), which will convert the alternating current to direct current.
Here we are discussing about Magneto hydro dynamic generators. Magneto Hydro-Dynamic Conversion of energy is a direct conversion of thermal energy and kinetic energy into electrical power. A fuel cell is also a direct converter of energy. Read more about fuel cells.
A M.H.D generator works on the same principle as that of a Dynamo. In other words, process of MHD power generation is an application of Faraday's laws of electro-magnetic induction to fluid conductors. MHD generator lacks moving parts but they op…

Free Energy Generator from Permanent Magnets

There are thousands of videos in youtube describing free energy from magnetic motors. They claim that it is possible to produce free energy from their magnetic motor design. Besides, there are websites that offer free energy generators for sale. Just type magnetic motors in to the google's home page. The results will come with thousands of youtube videos and promotional websites that offer free energy generators. Also you can find several discussion forums sharing different opinions about such automatic free energy generators. Wide popularity of such videos and Tremendous amount of keywords related to magnetic motors forces webmasters to create duplicate contents to drive traffic to their website.

Here's my opinion about magnetic motors or engines. Actually I do not believe in such automatic free energy generators because I believes in Energy conservation theory. There are people who believe it is possible to derive energy from permanent magnets. I too believed it for several y…

A List of Different Sources of Energy

We know you are very interested to know different energy sources in the world. We are providing you with a  list of energy sources. The list includes renewable energy sources,traditional or conventional energy sources, and latest energy sources. Renewable energy sources are the best option to cross over the energy crisis of 21st century. Most of the developed countries has been forcing companies to adopt renewable energy plants. If you know more sources of energy do not forget to suggest them in the comment section. Help us to improve this list.

Petroleum fuels- A traditional energy source. It is the largest energy source in the world. But we are running out of petroleum oil. 
Coal- Another fossil fuel 
Nuclear energy- Nuclear fission reactors are used to utilize binding energy of nucleus. Solar power
Sun is the world's largest renewable energy source. Literally Sun is the master source of energy behind every traditional as well as renewable energy sources. Sun radiates an enormous amo…

How to Make A Simple 6V Emergency Light For Home

Today, I am here to give a complete tutorial on 'how to make a simple 6v emergency light' using compact fluorescent lamp. This lighting device can be easily equipped with a solar panel, then it can be termed as Solar powered emergency light. You can make this device automatic by using a Light Detecting Resister.

We know that some countries are mostly depends on hydroelectric power stations for electricity. In such countries during summer unavailability of adequate water reduces the power production. Energy is one of the most valuable factor, which would effect economical and industrial growth of a country.
Things you need to create an emergency ligh1. Rechargeable battery 6V,5A
Rechargeable batteries are used to store electric energy. There are different types of batteries having different capacities. Buy a new sulfuric acid-lead battery having 6V and 5 Ampere capacity. It costs around 5$. 2. Inverter board or Emergency board 6VThe main part of the emergency lamp. Buy a new 6v inv…