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How to Make Your Own Solar Panel Or Solar Cell at home?

How to make a simple solar cell for kids? Here in this post you can learn two simple methods to make an experimental solar cell, for the purpose of impressing your kids. Or you can use this cell as a photodetector.

Solar cell manufacturing is a very expensive process, that's why even a small solar installation costs around $1500-$2000. However, you can make a simple solar cell by following some simple instructions as listed below. Keep in mind that the functioning of the device depends upon the perfection of your construction.

A solar cell is made up of a semiconductor. They are used to convert the energy from the world's largest renewable energy source, the Sun! Solar radiations carry enormous amount of energy. It is possible to harness energy from sun light by using solar cells or solar panels. There are similar devices used to harness other forms of energy from the sun. Solar heaters and parabolic concentrators are used to harness infrared radiations from the sun. A solar cel…