Can You Turn Energy into Matter?

According to Albert Einstein, one of the famous scientists who derived the equation for mass-energy conversion said that, it is possible to convert Matter into Energy. We know that nuclear power generation is concerned with the conversion of mass or matter into energy. A very large amount of energy can be liberated from the matter according to Einstein's Energy equation.


Where m is the mass and c is the speed of light in vacuum.

This equation is known to everyone who studied physics. But some months ago when I was checking the statistics of the traffic to my website I found a search query that made my mind unstable (Search query: The title of this article). I really appreciate that googler. Suddenly I called my Physics teacher (Mr. Jobish John) to ask about the Energy-Mass Conversion. He guide me through the correct way to understand the energy-mass conversion. (Thank you sir!)

Is it possible to convert Energy to Mass?

We know that, according to Einstein's equation (E=mc2) it is possible to convert mass into energy. But it still tells us that it takes a huge amount of energy to generate matter in this way. Particle accelerators can do this. Particle accelerators are able to convert energy to subatomic particles.

For example by colliding electrons(-e) and positrons(+e), some of the kinetic energy in the collision goes in to creating new particles. But these newly generated particles can't combine to form atoms, molecules and bigger (less microscopic) structures that we associate with matter in our daily life. This is why, when you convert energy into matter, it may contain both matter and antimatter. ie, you can only create matter-anti-matter pairs out of energy.

You may have heard that anti-matter has a tendency to combine with matter and turn itself back into energy. That's the reason behind the non-existence of individual matter or anti-matter particles in particle accelerators.

Production of matter and anti-matter pair is known as pair production. Pair production provides a conceptual framework for how our internal world gets translated into the physical reality we experience. The phenomenon of pair production can be viewed in two different ways.

One way is as a particle and antiparticle and the other is as a
particle and a hole.

The equation gives basic idea about the pair production.

γ --> (+e)+(-e)

Gama radiation is converted to electron and positron in nuclear fission reactions. They are unstable, because positron is the
anti-particle of electron.

If a particle accelerator could produce matter and anti-matter pair from energy its existence cannot continue even for a fraction of second. When the anti-matter meet the matter they will combine together and form energy.

Suggested article: Scientists discover how to turn light energy into matter after 80-year quest by Gail Wilson on 19 May 2014

Three physicists (Imperial College) worked out a relatively simple way to physically prove a theory first devised by scientists Breit and Wheeler in 1934. Breit and Wheeler suggested that it should be possible to turn light into matter by smashing together only two particles of light (photons), to create an electron and a positron – the simplest method of turning light into matter ever predicted.

In a fiction story I have read that each and every matter (including soil,wood,body,cloths etc) have its own antimatter in the world. They are separated by a mysterious force. At the end of the world weakening of this force will lead to conversion of the whole matter to energy. The end of World.


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