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Can You Turn Energy into Matter?

According to Albert Einstein, one of the famous scientists who derived the equation for mass-energy conversion said that, it is possible to convert Matter into Energy. We know that nuclear power generation is concerned with the conversion of mass or matter into energy. A very large amount of energy can be liberated from the matter according to Einstein's Energy equation.
Where m is the mass and c is the speed of light in vacuum.
This equation is known to everyone who studied physics. But some months ago when I was checking the statistics of the traffic to my website I found a search query that made my mind unstable (Search query: The title of this article). I really appreciate that googler. Suddenly I called my Physics teacher (Mr. Jobish John) to ask about the Energy-Mass Conversion. He guide me through the correct way to understand the energy-mass conversion. (Thank you sir!)
Is it possible to convert Energy to Mass?
We know that, according to Einstein's equation (E=mc2)…

How Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) Generator Works?

Traditional electric generators (Dynamo) are working on the principle of Faraday's laws of electromagnetic induction. A dynamo consists of a moving metal conductor in a strong magnetic field to generate electricity.
There are AC generators and DC generators. AC generators are usually known as alternators. It is possible to convert an alternator to DC dynamo by installing a Commutator (a splitted ring arrangement), which will convert the alternating current to direct current.
Here we are discussing about Magneto hydro dynamic generators. Magneto Hydro-Dynamic Conversion of energy is a direct conversion of thermal energy and kinetic energy into electrical power. A fuel cell is also a direct converter of energy. Read more about fuel cells.
A M.H.D generator works on the same principle as that of a Dynamo. In other words, process of MHD power generation is an application of Faraday's laws of electro-magnetic induction to fluid conductors. MHD generator lacks moving parts but they op…

Free Energy Generator from Permanent Magnets

There are thousands of videos in youtube describing free energy from magnetic motors. They claim that it is possible to produce free energy from their magnetic motor design. Besides, there are websites that offer free energy generators for sale. Just type magnetic motors in to the google's home page. The results will come with thousands of youtube videos and promotional websites that offer free energy generators. Also you can find several discussion forums sharing different opinions about such automatic free energy generators. Wide popularity of such videos and Tremendous amount of keywords related to magnetic motors forces webmasters to create duplicate contents to drive traffic to their website.

Here's my opinion about magnetic motors or engines. Actually I do not believe in such automatic free energy generators because I believes in Energy conservation theory. There are people who believe it is possible to derive energy from permanent magnets. I too believed it for several y…