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Make Solenoid engine powered car

Make Solar Power Plant (Concentrated Sun Light)


How Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant Works?

The Concentrated solar thermal Power plant produces electricity from the heat from sun's rays. It's an effective source of large-scale energy production.
Firstly a solar farm is made up of heliostats. These are computer controlled mirrors which follow the movement of the sun in order to best reflect its rays towards a central point throughout the day. A solar farm can include from several hundred to several thousand heliostats which communicate with each other over wifi in order to optimize their yield.
I have made a non-working model of a concentrated solar thermal power tower plant to expain it's working in a better way. We have uploaded the making video in youtube, and have embedded the video in this page. Don't forget to comment.

Solar thermal power plant model 
The mirror pieces represents heliostats.
These heliostats reflect and concentrate sunlight onto a large heat exchanger called receiver that sits on top of a tower which located in the center of the solar farm. …

How to Make Solenoid Engine (Pictures and Video)

let's make a solenoid engine. You may have seen many videos of making solenoid engine online. There are hundreds of such videos on youtube. But this project is entirely different. We designed it in a way how automobile engines work. You can see many components similar to those in an internal combustion engine. You can see, pistons, connecting rod, crank, crankshaft, cylinder, cylinder head, flywheel etc. An IC engine works by the explosion of fuel inside the cylinder, whereas in solenoid engine the driving force is Electromagnetism.

[caption id="attachment_1033" align="aligncenter" width="502"] Make solenoid Engine[/caption]
A solenoid is a type of electromagnet when the purpose is to generate a controlled magnetic field. If the purpose of the solenoid is instead to impede changes in the electric current, a solenoid can be more specifically classified as an inductor rather than an electromagnet.  In engineering, the term may also refer to a variety of t…

How to Make Vertical Axis Wind Turbine VAWT (With Pictures and Video)

Wind turbines are used to harness wind power. There are different types of wind turbines. They are mainly classified as horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines. Construction and working principles of a wind turbine can be easily understood from a working model. That's why I am always engaged in making working models of such devices, especially renewable energy harnessing devices. We have already discussed how to make small wind turbine (Horizontal axis). Today we are going to discuss How to Make Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT).

How to Make Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(VAWT) Video
Let's Make Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) today.

Things needed to Make Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

4'' PVC Pipe 30 cm in length
ACP Sheet 30cm in length
Dynamo 3-5 Volt
PVC or CPVC Fittings 3T's and 4 Elbows
Pieces of PVC or CPVC Pipe
L-Clamp Steel 4
Plate washer 2'' IN Dia- 2
GI Nut that suits Dynamo Pulley
Connecting Wires
3/4'' Cycle Screws 30
Tools ne…

How to Make Solar Charger Power Bank Guide (With Pictures and Video)

Today I'm here to explain how to make solar charger cum Powerbank for your smartphone. You can watch a video and read full-text guide to make your own one. If you are satisfied with this project don't forget to share it with your friends. Here you can read more about different components, where you can get it, How much will it cost, etc.
"Whenever I see you, you will be  looking at your phone". This is the unique and most usual sentence that I could hear several times from my friends and relatives. I know, this is not a compliment. but, How to get rid of this problem? I don't know. However, the one and only thing that I can predict about you is that You have experienced frustration at least once in your lifetime because of the low battery charge in your smartphone. Am I right? Tell me more about your experiences.
This Is the Main Part

[caption id="attachment_950" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Make Solar Charger cum Power bank[/capti…

How to Make Solar Mobile Charger (With Pictures and Video)

The only thing that I can predict about you is, you have experienced frustration at least once in your lifetime because of the low battery charge in your mobile phone. Am I right? But ever since I experienced it, I started to think about a portable Solar mobile charger. Solar power is everywhere. We don't want to look here and there to find a power plug. Just plug in the solar charger to the phone.

Nowadays, solar power is gaining increased attention. As a result Cost of solar panels has declined dramatically. Solar power is renewable and it doesn't have any environmental impact. If we can implement renewable energy sources, especially solar power in each and every field from small scale industries to the defense we can reduce global warming and stop the dangers of climate Change. Solar mobile charger.

Recommending to read: How to make Small Wind Turbine

[caption id="attachment_877" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Solar Powered mobile Phone charger[…

How to Make Simple Stirling Engine at Home ( With Pictures and Video)

Let's make Stirling engine today. A Stirling engine is a heat engine that operates by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas (the working fluid) at different temperatures, such that there is a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work. More specifically, the Stirling engine is a closed-cycle regenerative heat engine with a permanently gaseous working fluid.

Diy stirling engine Project: Stirling engines have a high efficiency compared to steam engines,being able to reach 50% efficiency. They are also capable of quiet operation and can use almost any heat source. The heat energy source is generated external to the Stirling engine rather than by internal combustion as with the Otto cycle or Diesel cycle engines.

Stirling engines are compatible with alternative and renewable energy sources, since it could become increasingly significant as the price of conventional fuels rises, and also in light of concerns such as depletion of oil supplies and climate change.

How to Make a Homemade Mini Wind Turbine Propeller ( With Pictures and Video)

Let's make a home made mini wind turbine propeller today. Airfoil or propeller converts the kinetic energy of the wind into rotational Energy. When I first planned to make a simple mini wind turbine, I got confused about getting a mini wind turbine propeller. Many people suggested me to enquir in a hardware shop. But unfortunately, such a device was unavailable in our town.

When I was thinking about a remedy, one of my old friend said, "try to make it yourself.'' So I decided to make a wind turbine propeller for my own mini wind turbine. You can read the complete instructions to make a home made mini wind turbine here. or watch video here.

Home made mini wind turbine propeller

In actual practice, the propeller is the most important parts of a wind turbine. It is the functioning part. They are made in such a shape to obtain the proper function. The blades of a propeller are designed in the shape of a cambered airfoil, having a characteristic shape with a rounded leading e…