A List of Different Sources of Energy

We know you are very interested to know different energy sources in the world. We are providing you with a  list of energy sources. The list includes renewable energy sources,traditional or conventional energy sources, and latest energy sources. Renewable energy sources are the best option to cross over the energy crisis of 21st century. Most of the developed countries has been forcing companies to adopt renewable energy plants. If you know more sources of energy do not forget to suggest them in the comment section. Help us to improve this list.

Petroleum fuels- A traditional energy source. It is the largest energy source in the world. But we are running out of petroleum oil. 

Coal- Another fossil fuel 

Nuclear energy- Nuclear fission reactors are used to utilize binding energy of nucleus.

Sun is the world's largest renewable energy source. Literally Sun is the master source of energy behind every traditional as well as renewable energy sources. Sun radiates an enormous amount of energy in the forms of light, heat and other radiations. Solar heat
concentrators and solar panels are used to harness solar power. Now a days solar power is gaining more and more attention among governments and even local peoples. But local people try to keep away and watching solar power technology because of expensive equipments.

Wind Power
wind turbine
Wind Energy Image from Gurit by Gurit Composites, on Flickr

Wind power is the world's fastest growing renewable energy source. Actually sun is the energy source behind wind power. Uneven heating of earth surface due to solar heating causes wind. Wind power depends upon energy from sun. There are two types of wind turbines. Horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines. Horizontal axis wind turbines are very widely used. Even though they are the fastest growing renewable energy source, have several environmental impacts.


Nooksack River, Washington State
Nooksack River, Washington State by Rose Braverman, on Flickr
Hydroelectric Power
I think hydroelectric power is one of the oldest renewable energy technology. A hydroelectric power plant constitutes a dam and a reservoir. The potential energy of stored water can be used to drive a water turbine. The turbine will be coupled with an AC generator. There is a long pipe from the reservoir to the power house. It is known as penstock, which is used to contest potential energy of  in to pressure energy. At the end of penstock nozzles are provided to convert pressure energy of water into kinetic energy. The energy of a water is actually comes from the sun. Sun is the driving force behind water cycle. There are different types of hydroelectric dams classified according to the power of water, applications etc.

Tidal power 

tidal power
Returning tide by Colin-47 on Flickr
An ocean tide is a rise or fall of sea level twise in a day. Unlike solar power or wind power, tidal power is highly predictable. Tidal
power is a promising energy source that can serve power to meet our daily energy needs. Tides are produced either by attraction of celestial bodies or by earth's rotational energy.

Ameresco Biomass Cogeneration Facility at SRS
Ameresco Biomass Cogeneration Facility at SRS by Savannah River Site, on Flickr
Biomass Power
Biomass refers to all the materials that constitute and originate from plants and animals. When biomass burns, it liberates heat energy. The heat energy liberated can be used for cooking, heating rooms, lighting and electrification of rural house hold etc..


Waves III by Peter Kaminski, on Flickr
Wave Power
Another energy source from The Ocean- Second Largest Renewable Energy Source. When wind blows cross the sea waves are produced. Thus wind power is transformed to wave power. This wave power can be effectively harnessed by underwater water tubines. Those wave turbines are designed in such a way that can harness maximum possible power from the wind.

geothermal energy
Hellisheidi geothermal power plant by ThinkGeoEnergy, on Flickr
Geothermal Energy

There are places where high pressure steam is exhausting from the earth crust without any heat supply. This natural steam generators are powered by hot magma. When magma reaches under water reservoirs through weak earth crust water boils and steam is produced. The steam generated can be used to drive a steam turbine coupled with a generator to produce power.


Waves III by Peter Kaminski, on Flickr
Ocean Thermal Energy   

There is a large difference of temperatures between deep ocean and surface. Near to equator this temperature difference is maximum. This difference in temperature can be used to generate power. This is known as ocean thermal energy. Ocean thermal energy harnessing can affect the ocean environment and ecosystem. 


Biological carbon fixation is the process behind biofuel. Producer
organisms or plants can perform carbon fixation. Examples of biofuels are bio-ethanol, biodiesel, green diesel, vegetable oil etc.

Hydrogen- hydrogen is a promising energy source. It is possible to generate energy from hydrogen by direct combustion or fuel cells. 

Fusion energy - fusion of light elements like hydrogen can generate heat energy. 

Cold fusion- It is a fusion reaction taken place in low temperatures. 

Bubble power- it is similar to a cold fusion reaction. Hydrogen nuclei can fused together by tiny bubbles imploded by round water 

Fuel cells- it directly converts chemical energy in a fuel to electrical energy without the application of burning. 

Magnetohydrodynamic energy- MHD will convert thermal energy and kinetic energy directly in to electrical energy. This energy generator have no moving parts. 

Osmotic power- it is also known as salinity gradient power. Power generation is possible when there is adequate difference in salt concentration. 

Ocean thermal energy- there are ocean thermal energy converters which are used to produce power from the temperature difference between deep sea and surface. 

Concentrated solar power- By using lenses concentrated solar energy can be used to generate power. 


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