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A List of Different Sources of Energy

We know you are very interested to know different energy sources in the world. We are providing you with a  list of energy sources. The list includes renewable energy sources,traditional or conventional energy sources, and latest energy sources. Renewable energy sources are the best option to cross over the energy crisis of 21st century. Most of the developed countries has been forcing companies to adopt renewable energy plants. If you know more sources of energy do not forget to suggest them in the comment section. Help us to improve this list.

Petroleum fuels- A traditional energy source. It is the largest energy source in the world. But we are running out of petroleum oil. 
Coal- Another fossil fuel 
Nuclear energy- Nuclear fission reactors are used to utilize binding energy of nucleus. Solar power
Sun is the world's largest renewable energy source. Literally Sun is the master source of energy behind every traditional as well as renewable energy sources. Sun radiates an enormous amo…