Free Energy Generator from Permanent Magnets

There are thousands of videos in youtube describing free energy from magnetic motors. They claim that it is possible to produce free energy from their magnetic motor design. Besides, there are websites that offer free energy generators for sale. Just type magnetic motors in to the google's home page. The results will come with thousands of youtube videos and promotional websites that offer free energy generators. Also you can find several discussion forums sharing different opinions about such automatic free energy generators. Wide popularity of such videos and Tremendous amount of keywords related to magnetic motors forces webmasters to create duplicate contents to drive traffic to their website.

Here's my opinion about magnetic motors or engines. Actually I do not believe in such automatic free energy generators because I believes in Energy conservation theory. There are people who believe it is possible to derive energy from permanent magnets. I too believed it for several years that we can convert energy stored in a permanent magnet using some devices.

Do you know magnets have no energy in it? They are totally neutral. Many peoples have been trying to create a machine, which convert force of a magnet (attractive or repulsive). That's why we are able to see some graphically created videos of magnetic free energy generator in the Internet.

But you should remember that such machine is only an imagination. I had played with permanent magnets to study how this machine works. But I realised that a permanent magnet is neutral. An atom is neutral because it contain equal number of opposite charges. Like an atom a permanent magnet is also neutral because it have two opposite poles, a north pole and a south pole. So by taking a whole magnet as a system the total energy becomes zero by cancelling opposite forces of north pole and south pole. But I wonder why there are people who is still playing with permanent magnets to create a free energy generator.

How an Imaginary Magnetic Engine Works?

Permanent magnets have the ability to exert force on magnetic materials. This attractive or repulsive force can convert into rotational energy. This energy is totally free. No external fuel or work has to be done on the engine.

According to energy conservation theory Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. So it is not possible to derive energy from a neutral magnet.

But now I don't think the whole idea is foolishness. Because I expect discovery of such engines in future, which could satisfy our growing energy needs.

How? You may have heard that, scientists at CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research) expects the formation of Magnetic monopoles in world's largest laboratory, Large Hadron Collider experiment.

Magnetic monopoles are one of the mystery of science. Magnetic monopoles are magnets which have only a pole, a south pole or a north pole. CERN scientists expects they can create magnetic monopoles in their proton-proton collision experiment. Magnetic monopoles are thought to be an extreme sources of energy because it is a single pole magnet. They are not a neutral system. Scientists expect it is possible to draw the energy of a magnetic monopole by using suitable machines. Permanent magnets are neutral while magnetic monopoles are reservoirs of energy. If scientists could create such a magnetic monopole it may lead to the long lasting energy source and an energy efficient world.

But there are scientists who believed that monopoles do not exist.They have some reasons behind their opinion. But there are several ongoing researches too. What is your opinion about magnetic monopoles? Do you believe in it? Do you think it is possible to drive energy from such magnets? Then don't be lazy. Be the first commenter on this post.


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