How to make Small Wind Turbine (With Pictures and Video)

Make Small wind turbine at your home. You can see hundreds of make small wind turbine videos describing how to make small wind turbine at home easily. But many of them are not very helpful. Many of them do not offer a complete guide to make small wind turbine that works as a real one.

People are not satisfied, which can be understood from their comments. They are searching google again, again and again for more Make Small wind turbine videos. So I decided to build a small wind turbine and upload the making video on youtube. I went to town and bought necessary tools and parts from a hardware shop. Then I asked my friend to shoot video using my Smartphone.

Let's watch How to Make small Wind Turbine

Done?? How is it?

Later I realized a video is not enough to educate all kinds of people those who are willing to make small Wind turbine. In this post you can read each and every step I followed to make a small wind turbine. Don't forget to comment your opinion and share it with your friends.

[caption id="attachment_714" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Make Small wind turbine How to Make Small wind turbine[/caption]

How to Make Small Wind Turbine

Main Segments

  • Turbine Propeller

  • Turbine dynamo casing

  • Turbine Base

  • Turbine tail

Wind turbine propeller

Make Small wind turbine propeller[/caption] \

A wind turbine propeller converts wind energy n to rotational mechanical energy. It is the most important part of a wind turbine.Let's learn how to make turbine propeller.

  • Buy a 10 inch PVC Pipe (3inch in diameter)

  • equally divide the edge perimeter

  • Cut the pipe into blades as shown in video- watch video

  • Make holes as shown in the picture on anything round in shape with 2.5 inches.

  • Then screw 3 blades to it using cycle screws.

Keep in mind

  1. The weight of each blade should be equal.

  2. Each blade should be positioned on the plate at equal distances.

Wind turbine Dynamo Casing

Make Small Wind turbine Casing[/caption]

Dynamo casing holds both Dynamo and Autorotation Mechanism. A dynamo is used to convert mechanical energy or rotational energy generated by wind turbine propeller into electrical energy. If a dynamo converts mechanical energy into Alternating current it is known as Alternators. Different types of generators are available in the market.

  • wire

  • A piece of pen

  • PVC Fitting T

  • Buy 2 bearings

  • Buy a dynamo 3V

  • Connect the dynamo to the PVC fitting.

  • Connect the two bearings to a common axis. A piece of a pen can be used as the axis.

  • connect one bearing to the PVC T

The bearing setup is an autorotation mechanism (yaw mechanism). It helps the wind turbine to face the wind. When the direction of the wind changes from east to west, the tail-autorotation mechanism will automatically adjust the propeller to directly face the wind to utilize maximum wind energy.

Make small Wind turbine Base

The turbine base and the post holds the propeller, dynamo, tail, and autorotation mechanism. It is very easy to make the turbine base. Buy some PVC fittings.

  1. Elbow - 4

  2. PVC T - 3

  3. PVC pipe pieces

Connect these fittings as shown in the figure.

Make Small Wind turbine tail

Small Wind Turbine tail[/caption] Most of the DIY  wind turbine videos on youtube doesn't have a tail- autorotation mechanism. Without a tail-autorotation mechanism, a Small wind turbine is not complete. What is the purpose of a tail? The tail auto rotation mechanism will help the propeller to change the direction to face the wind. Th tail will force the propeller to face the wind even at higher wind speeds.

  1. cut GI sheet

  2. PVC Pipe, reducer

The Wind turbine is ready. Check its Working

  • Place the wind turbine in front of a fan

  • connect a multimeter to the output wires of the dynamo.

Yes, Multimeter needle is indicating a current flow through it. If you are using an efficient Dynamo, you can use this dynamo to charge your 3 v rechargeable battery. Besides, You can build a larger wind turbine than this to charge your smartphone too. Watch this video  make small wind turbine at home Hope you have enjoyed this DIY article. You can point out any fault from me. I welcome your comments. If you have any doubts about this project, ask me. But don't forget to share it with your friends.

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  3. Awesome! Thank you so much :-)

  4. You are welcome. Thank you for your comment. Help your friends to find this project by sharing on social media..

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  6. What size of dynamo do I need to charge my smartphone

  7. Hi! I'm trying to make a small windturbine, but instead of using a propellor like yours I'm using toy windmills like these:
    I'm trying to power a 3V motor with it, but I'm struggling to get enough voltage. I was wondering how much voltage this one is generating and if you have any tips for me?

  8. It's difficult to get 3 volts by using a propeller like this. The voltage generated is directly proportional to the Total area of the circle generated by the propeller.

    1. Increase the area
    2. Buy a high performance dynamo instead of using DC Motor


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