How to Make a Simple Battery Charger With Bridge Rectifier Circuit?

Here you can read how to make a simple charger or adapter for charging 6 volt rechargeable battery. This charger works with a bridge rectifier circuit and a step down transformer. You can use this device as a AC adapter or charger for batteries. By selecting proper transformers and rectifier circuit it is possible to change the output of the charger. Thus you can design a charger circuit according to your purpose.

What is a Step Down Transformer?

Transformer is a device used to step up or step down the input voltage. A step down transformer reduces the input voltage and provide a lower voltage at output. A transformer works on the principle of mutual induction.

What is a Rectifier Circuit?

The output of a step down transformer is an AC voltage. But we need DC of the same voltage. A rectifier circuit is used to convert the AC voltage to DC. There are three main types of rectifier circuits.

1. Half wave rectifier
2. Full wave rectifier
3. Bridge rectifies

We are going to make battery charger working on a Bridge rectifier circuit. A diode is the main part of a rectifier, which converts the alternating current to direct current.

Bridge Rectifier

Circuit diagram of a dc charger with bridge rectifier is shown in figure. A bridge rectifier uses 4 similar diodes and a filter capacitor.

How to make DC battery charger

You need to buy the following components from an electronics shop.

1. Step down transformer 7.5 volt 500 mA
2. Four diodes IN4007
3. Capacitor 1000 microfarad 16v-1

Connect the components as shown in the Circuit diagram. You are done! Charger is ready to use. You can use this device as an AC adapter or as a charges for 6V battery. Buy some components such a box to hold the components, two pin wire, insulation tap etc to secure the charger. What's next, lets start now! I think you have a doubt about the  circuit. Share with me. I Can help you.


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