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A List of Different Sources of Energy

Written By Aromal Karuvath on Thursday, March 21, 2013 | 4:59 PM

We know you are very interested to know different energy sources in the world. We are providing you with a  list of energy sources. The list includes renewable energy sources,traditional or conventional energy sources, and latest energy sources. If you know more sources of energy do not forget to suggest them in the comment section. Help us to improve this list.

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1. Petroleum fuels- A traditional energy source. It is the largest energy source in the world. But we are running out of petroleum oil. 

2. Coal- another fossil fuel 

3. Nuclear energy- nuclear fission reactors are used to utilize binding energy of nucleus. 

4. Wind energy- wind energy is produced by uneven heating of the earth surface by the Sun. There are wind turbines, machines used to trap wind power. Different types of wind turbines are horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbine. 

5. Solar power- Solar power is the master of energy sources. 

6. Hydroelectric power- potential energy of stored water can be used to run water turbine and produce electricity. 

7. Tidal power- a tide is the rise and fall of sea level twice in a day. It is a renewable energy source. 

 8. Wave energy- waves are produced by wind when the wind blows across the sea surface. 

9. Biomass power- biomass refers to all the materials that constitute and originate from plants and animals. 

10. Biofuel- It is a renewable energy source derived from biological carbon fixation. 

11. Geothermal energy- heat energy inside the earth can by utilized by geothermal power plants installed at geothermal areas. 

12. Hydrogen- hydrogen is a promising energy source. It is possible to generate energy from hydrogen by direct combustion or fuel cells. 

13. Fusion energy - fusion of light elements like hydrogen can generate heat energy. 

14. Cold fusion- It is a fusion reaction taken place in low temperatures. 

15. Bubble power- it is similar to a cold fusion reaction. Hydrogen nuclei can fused together by tiny bubbles imploded by round water 

16. Fuel cells- it directly converts chemical energy in a fuel to electrical energy without the application of burning. 

17. Magnetohydrodynamic energy- MHD will convert thermal energy and kinetic energy directly in to electrical energy. This energy generator have no moving parts. 

18. Osmotic power- it is also known as salinity gradient power. Power generation is possible when there is adequate difference in salt concentration. 

19. Ocean thermal energy- there are ocean thermal energy converters which are used to produce power from the temperature difference between deep sea and surface. 

20. Concentrated solar power- By using lenses concentrated solar energy can be used to generate power. 

21. Dyson sphere 

22. Magnetic monopole


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