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How to Make A Simple 6V Emergency Light For Home

Today, I am here to give a complete tutorial on 'how to make a simple 6v emergency light' using compact fluorescent lamp. This lighting device can be easily equipped with a solar panel, then it can be termed as Solar powered emergency light. You can make this device automatic by using a Light Detecting Resister.

We know that some countries are mostly depends on hydroelectric power stations for electricity. In such countries during summer unavailability of adequate water reduces the power production. Energy is one of the most valuable factor, which would effect economical and industrial growth of a country.
Things you need to create an emergency ligh1. Rechargeable battery 6V,5A
Rechargeable batteries are used to store electric energy. There are different types of batteries having different capacities. Buy a new sulfuric acid-lead battery having 6V and 5 Ampere capacity. It costs around 5$. 2. Inverter board or Emergency board 6VThe main part of the emergency lamp. Buy a new 6v inv…