How to Make A Simple 6V Emergency Light For Home

inverter board
Emergency Board
Today, I am here to give a complete tutorial on 'how to make a simple 6v emergency light' using compact fluorescent lamp. This lighting device can be easily equipped with a solar panel, then it can be termed as Solar powered emergency light. You can make this device automatic by using a Light Detecting Resister.

We know that some countries are mostly depends on hydroelectric power stations for electricity. In such countries during summer unavailability of adequate water reduces the power production. Energy is one of the most valuable factor, which would effect economical and industrial growth of a country.

Rechargeable BatteryThings you need to create an emergency ligh


1. Rechargeable battery 6V,5A

Rechargeable batteries are used to store electric energy. There are different types of batteries having different capacities. Buy a new sulfuric acid-lead battery having 6V and 5 Ampere capacity. It costs around 5$.

2. Inverter board or Emergency board 6V

The main part of the emergency lamp. Buy a new 6v inverter board or emergency circuit board. There may be a connection for transformer. If there is no facility to attach a transformer on the board you need to buy a adapter 7.5 V 500 mA. There are other 6 wires on the inverter board for battery,CFL,switch.

3. Step down Transformer 9 volt 500mA/ adapter 7.5 volt 500 mA

step down transformerSome inverter board may contain facility to attach a transformer. Transformer is used to step down the AC voltage. There are rectifier circuit on the board, which converts alternating current to direct current. Transformer costs around 1$. Some boards may not contain a rectifier circuit or facility to attach a transformer, you need to buy a ac adapter 7.5 V 500mA to charge the battery or You can simply build a rectifier circuit using transformers and diodes.

4. Compact fluorescent lamp 11w

Buy a new 11 W CFL. It costs around 1$.

5. Switch,2pin wire,connecting wire,plastic box

Costs around 1$

The main part of this 'make' is the inverter board. It costs around 1$. There are wires. At the starting point of the wire from the board there will be texts to guide you where you want to connect it. Among These 6 wires,
Besides there are two points on the board to attach a transformer.

Connect those components properly using soldering iron as shown in figure. Proper connection makes electronic equipments long lasting. Then place those components in a plastic box to make it compact.

Total cost=9$

Connection procedure

1. Connect the transformer to the inverter board.
2. Connect switch,2 pin wire to transformer input,CFL etc
3. Connect the battery

Tips and warming

1. Connections must be properly soldered. Proper connections makes electronic devices long lasting.

2. Do not touch the output wires for CFL, because there may be several hundred volts.

3. When connecting inverter board to battery be sure positive wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery.

4. Initially Charge the battery for 5-6 hours for better performance.

5. Enclose all the components in a box and place it where children cant reach.

6. Bare connections must be insulated to avoid short circui>

How to Make Automatic Emergency Light

We have discussed "how to make a simple emergency light using CFL at your home". After publishing that post we realized the amount of potential visitors is very large. We conducted a analysis of the traffic sources and keywords to the article and concluded that most of the people need emergency lights working on light emitting diodes other than compact fluorescent lamps. I think this is because of the high energy efficiency of LEDs. Some people searched for solar powered emergency light.

  Here I am going to share a simple emergency light circuit using LED. The 6v battery can be charged by either solar panels or rectifier circuits. This device is based on an LDR (Light Detecting Resistors). An LDR can detect any changes in the intensity of light. In previous emergency circuit there is a direct method to detect the power failure. Here, an LDR is used to detect the power failure. This automatic emergency circuit will trigger an Series of LED's when there is a darkness in a room. The LDR will conduct electricity only when there is light in the room. This is the working principle of LDR based automatic Emergency lights.

Things you should have to build an Automatic Emergency light using LED

  •      Battery - 6v - 1
  •      R1,R2 resistor - 10k - 2
  •      R3 resistor - 1K - 10
  •      T1 transistor - BD140 - 1
  •      T2 transistor - BD139 - 1
  •      VR variable resistor - 50K - 1
  •       LDR -1

Devices and other equipments

  •    Soldering iron
  •    Box to enclose the emergency
  •    Copper wire

Circuit of a Automatic Simple Emergency Light Using LED and LDR

Image Credit

How does it work?

An LDR is made in a way that it only conducts electricity if there is enough light in the room. The resistance offered by the LDR against  the flow of current is inversely proportional to the intensity of light falls on it. So if there is enough light in a room LDR will continue to conduct current and provides high current to the base of  transistor T1. (so T1 is off). Since the base is grounded transistor T2 is also off. If there is a sudden power failure in the room LDR will stop conducting current. At this time transistor T1 becomes forward biased and provides base current to transistor T2. It then turns ON and allows current to flow through the LED.

How to charge the Battery?

How to make a charger for 6v Lead acid battery? Connect the positive terminal of the charger output to the positive pin of the battery. Then connect negative terminal to the negative terminal of the battery.

How to turn this Emergency light into Solar powered Emergency light!

Solar Panel
Solar panel

If you are living in an area that not connected to the grid this Solar emergency light can provide enough light for your home. Just buy a 7.5 volt solar panel from the store and connect to the battery. It does not need any separate charger circuit. That's it. Solar powered
automatic emergency light. Enjoy!!

If any one of your friends is from a region where there is no power supply or lacks continuous power supply, you should suggest this device to your friend. Solar powered emergency light is similar to the ordinary one. But it has a solar panel to capture solar power and convert it and recharge battery. A complete description of this project with full video will be posted
here in coming days. Thank you.


Is this tutorial helpful? Then comment your opinion here! 


  1. I want to first of all commend u on this update. Please i need ur help on this project. I'm still a novice. Can i get a full project with the write up. Both how to do the construction and layout. Thanks

  2. Dear Aromal,
    How long will the 11 watt CFL and 5 watt CFL lasts if using 6v 5Ah battery ?
    Does the inverter board has provision to switch of the power supply to CFL if the battery is discharged or becomes less in power?

  3. Dear Aromal,
    Can u plz help me in circuit of inverter, i have circuit diagram of inverter but in this circuit they can't show connection of main supply, so plz solve my problem,

  4. My friend I have rechargeable light that use FA-886 PCB. Made china company "Premier". Recently I found that wired become old and disconnect with pcb. Now I don't how to solder it again. I got 6v 4.5Ah rechargeable batter and 230v to 6v step down transformer. This all on the above number PCB.


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